Add Avatar to Variable products

Catfish now allows you to create an image field that can contain an avatar from customers. As a storefront Administrator, Please follow these steps.

1) Open the PDF that requires customer's avatar
2) Create an image field (Example: ProfilePicture)
3) Navigate to Field Information -> Properties
4) Click on Add

5) Define the new Property and match the settings below (Be sure to copy the name "PrepopulateDataFrom" exactly as seen below. With spelling and capital letters).


Then add "Avatar" into the "PrepopulateDataFrom" field you just created.



6) Now navigate to Image Settings and select the settings seen in the picture below:



7) Click OK and save this document. You're file should now support your Avatar.


As Administrator, you also need to make sure the Avatar feature is enabled in Catfish. Navigate to Configuration -> Settings -> Customer Settings and check "


Once this feature is enabled for Front End users, they need to upload their avatar under My Account -> Avatar.


You will know if it worked successfully if you Avatar automatically loads into the image field. 



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