Product Attribute Conditional Logic

This feature allows you to create relationships between your Product Attributes so that you can manage what attributes you want to display to the user based on other attribute selections.


To start adding logic to an attribute, you first need to add an attribute to a product.



If your product is using attributes in the variant navigate to:

Catalogue > Products > Product Management > Edit  > Product Variants > Edit > Attributes




If your product is part of a product group, then attributes will be controlled from there:

Catalogue > Products > Product Groups > Edit > Attributes. 


Here you will notice a column in the attributes grid called ‘conditions’. Click on the corresponding ‘Add Logic’ button in the table to the attribute you want to apply logic to. This will then create an area for you to build your statement which consists of a parent attribute, a selected value of the parent attribute and a child attribute.


e.g. If Attribute1 has a selected value of Value2 then show Attribute2.

Or in this example: If Packaging Is equal to Plain Box Then show Attribute2

If you can create a new group by clicking 'Add New' and filling in the information as necessary, you will need to click 'Save and Continue Edit' to start working with attributes.

In order for any logic you create to affect your products you must add those products to this group. This is done by double-clicking on the checkbox next to the appropriate products in the 'Products in Group' tab, clicking 'Save Changes' at the top of the list and clicking either 'Save' or 'Save and Continue Editing'.


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