Adding User Details to to Email Message Templates (Tokens)

Infigo Academy: Email accounts and message templates


In Infigo, when a customer registers to join your site, they will fill out a form on the front end that is driven by various selections found in Configuration > Settings > Customer Settings > Registration Form.



After registering, the user's details can be found in Customers > Customer Management.



With the use of Tokens, some of the user's details can be added to the Message Template to dynamically appear in the email notification.


To set this up, please navigate to Content Management > Email Message Templates. 

For example, you want to setup the users information to appear on the Order Placed, customer email notification. Simply press Edit to begin editing the email message template.



Each message template has a list of allowed message tokens on the right of the page. You may use any of the tokens in the list available per template for them to appear on the email as text. 


Tokens that start with Customer, such as %Customer.Address1% grabs the details from the users Account under the Info tab in Customer Management. 

Tokens that start with Order and contain either Shipping or Billing grabs the details on the order level first, then pulls either the billing or shipping. For example %Order.BillingFirstName% will pull the First Name of the Billing Address in checkout. Likewise if %Order.ShippingFirstName% is used, it will pull the First Name of the Shipping address in Checkout. 

The tokens are also fully compatible to use within HTML if you are creating email templates with HTML. 



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