Downloadable PDF Soft Proofs - Watermarks

Catfish allows you to switch on a downloadable PDF soft proof per storefront from the editor screen.

A Soft proof is a great way for a user to assess the file they are creating, but a watermark, and lower resolution prevents them printing it elsewhere.


Turn on the Preview

To enable this please navigate to Catfish > Settings > Editor Settings.

Locate and enable these settings:



This will enable the DOWNLOAD PREVIEW button in the bottom right corner of the editor


Change the 'Preview Text'

By default there will be a watermark on the preview which is removable. The default text is "Preview", you can change this within the Language Strings

1. Navigate to Configuration > Languages > View String resources for your primary language. 

2. On the next screen, press the filter button next to Value

3. The filter will drop down, change the value to Is equal to and type Preview in the blank space. Press Filter.

4. You will want to find the setting Catfish.EditorSettings.WatermarkText. Press Edit and change the value. I changed the new value to 'Proof'. Be sure to press Update

5. The new text will now appear on your template!



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