Disable image controls for image fields

The editor controls within Catfish allow you to crop, rotate and scale images within their placeholders.

This functionality can be disabled per image field to force images to fit to box or fit to box proportionally.

To set this up, open a PDF template. Select the image field and view the property list

Use the UseScaleToFit property set to True to disable image controls within the Storefront Editor.


The settings you specify within the Image Settings -> Image Settings Setup menu will now be applied to the field.


If you do not tick UseScaleToFit in the properties list, these settings will be ignored by the editor.


NB If you do not see UseScaleToFit in your property list, it must be added.

From the properties page, click Add under the list.

Set your new property up as the screenshot below shows, click OK and apply to image fields. Save the template and close Acrobat. This will now be available for all future templates.


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