Restricting image fields to specific shared albums

A product can be restricted to use only a specific Shared Album.

Shared Albums can be created by following this tutorial

Setting up a product

Open you PDF template

Choose the Image field you would like to use one of your Shared Albums

Open the field properties list



The Image Usage property controls the field options to the user. If you only require the Shared Album you should choose 'Not Required' from the list in this setting

SharedGalleryName allows you to specify the names of all of the galleries you have created in the Storefront that are available to this product, in this field only.

NB you can specify multiple albums to allow the user to see more than one Shared Album

Ticking ShowImageLibrary switches on the use of web based albums


NB If the SharedGalleryName property is not present it must be created.

Click Add below the property list.

Create a property with the following details set. Click OK and apply this to Image fields.


Save and restart Acrobat and this property will appear for all future files.


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