Infigo Designer Modes

Infigo allows the upload of a .CSV file to populate multiple revisions of a variable data document. What this means is you can configure a product made in Infigo Designer to allow your users to upload a CSV when placing an order and receive an output per record.

1. To configure this, navigate to Catalog > Product Types > Infigo Editor > Infigo Products and either create a new Infigo Designer product, or edit an existing one. 

In the 'Edit Infigo Product' menu, where you can upload your templates, there is the 'Mode' dropdown which allows you to control whether the user interaction mode is set to Single, Batch, or Both.


This is the default setting and provides the standard functionality of allowing the user to simply order the products one output per orderline.

Batch mode allows the user to upload a CSV and generate an output per CSV record whilst using a single order line.

Both will give the user the choice between either ordering the products one output per orderline, or upload a CSV. Effectively, this is a combination of Batch and Single mode.

  • When Batch or Both is enabled, you will be able to add a Price per Record, allowing you to charge the user per record (this charge is applied on top of the base price).
  • You can also use Batch tier pricing, allowing you to charge a different amount per CSV depending on the number of records contained within the CSV.



2. If you set the mode to Batch or Both, the 'Batch' button will appear in the top-right hand corner of the product's editor, as shown in the screenshot below.


  • When using batch upload, the CSV's headers will need to map to the Infigo Designer template's field names, as this is how the automatic mapping will take place.
  • However, the user will have the chance to map fields manually, and even set a static values which are the same across all outputs.



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