Hotfolders and Catfish Sync Mapping

All Catfish Storefronts are linked to one Platform wide Print Location to begin with.

A Print Location stores all Hotfolders and allows the printer to define specific download locations for each job, based on mapping criteria.

The Hotfolders are then replicated on an Administrators local machine and integrated into the print workflow (imposition / prepress etc)

Each mapping criteria is created to automatically assign the job to a Hotfolder when it is ordered.

Print Location Setup

Login as Administrator, then select the platform.

Choose Catfish -> Printing -> Print Location and Hotfolder Setup



The Default Print Location is known as Digital.To adjust this, click the pencil logo. To define its address (your address) click Edit address (this is not necessary)

Click the small arrow on the left to expand the Print Location and view Hotfolders available, or create a new one.

All Platforms start off with one Hotfolder. Default is setup in the Digital Print Location, and gives you a basis to begin downloading artwork through CatfishSync



If you want to add a new Hotfolder to the Storefront, choose the Add Record button. Give the Hotfolder a name and description and choose save.

The pencil symbol allows you to edit the name of the folder, and its description.


Hotfolder Mapping

Under the Mapping header you are able to define the rules for a product to be pushed to this Hotfolder.

The drop down lists that appear on the Mapping screen allow you to define different rules for jobs to be copied across to a Hotfolder.

Jobs will only copy to a Hotfolder if all rules defined here are present within the job when its ordered. These are AND filters, and therefore all must be true to copy the file for you.


Save any changes.

Visit the print operations page. Open an ordered print job.

The Print Location and Hotfolders show in the block at the bottom. You can select a Hotfolder for the job to go to (this will automatically populate for successfully "mapped" hotfolders)




If you are happy with your mapping setup you can set jobs to automatically copy to Hotfolders based on their mapping.

To switch this on visit Admin -> Catfish -> Infigo Variable Data -> Infigo Settings

Locate the option CopyForDefault. Switching this on automatically copies jobs to the Hotfolders, and updates the status.




Install the CatfishSync service following the instructions found here

Your jobs will begin downloading.


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