Creating your own Infigo Invoice


It is possible within Infigo to create personalised invoice documents that will be generated with every order. 

The Invoice can be created using the standard Infigo Designer plugin, using fields and variables named after the placeholders which can be found in Admin -> Configuration -> Placeholders Overview.

NOTE: An Invoice document in Infigo is an Order level document, which look at the entire order, therefore order line specific placeholders, such as product's SKU, are not available on Invoices. So ensure you have your placeholders tab sent to 'Order' and not 'Ordered product line' when creating your invoice.


Creating your Invoice

Attached to this article you will find our default Infigo Invoice templates - a version both for US and UK.

If you download these and open them in Acrobat with our Infigo Designer plugin installed you can have a look at all the variable fields we have created that controls what information is shown and where.

If you want to make changes to it, or create your own then please have a look at our Infigo Designer Manual.


Uploading the Invoice

If you load the Storefront you want to use this Invoice in, navigate you can upload it by navigating  to Admin -> Configuration -> Settings -> Product and Editor Settings -> Infigo Settings and upload it at the link shown in the screenshot below:


Please note that this invoice can be uploaded at either a storefront or a platform level. If it is uploaded at a storefront level, then that will be the invoice template used for all orders placed on that storefront.

If it is uploaded at the platform level, then it will be the template used for all storefronts which do not have an invoice uploaded at storefront level.

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