Restricting Storefront visibility through Departments and Access Control (Access Permissions)


Access control has been added to Infigo to allow Categories and Products to be restricted from view for specific Customers.

The Access Control system checks these against a Customer's Role or Department.

Generally Customers viewing the site will have the same Role (Registered) and therefore it makes more sense to base this visibility on Department.


Creating a Department

Login to the Storefront as an Administrator.

Go to Configuration > Departments

Click "Add new record" to add a new Department



Give the department a Name, Description, Cost Code, PL Code. The most important thing here is Department Name.

Save your Department.


Assign Users to Departments

Expand the Department using the + on the left of the Department name.

From the list, tick each user you wish to assign to this Department, then click "Save Changes".



Access Permissions

As default, a Storefront has Access Permissions switched off.

Go to Configuration > Settings > Access Permission Settings


Switch on Access Permission Enabled

The Default Is Allowed switch determines whether the site shows All Categories when you are not in a Department or none.

Default Is Allowed = True means that all Categories show up if users are not in a Department

Default Is Allowed = False means that all Categories are hidden until a user is assigned to a Department that can use them.

Include Children in Category Access = When enabled we will check the subcategories and the products inside a category to determine the access to a specific category.

It is best practise to make sure that Default Is Allowed is set to false and that you specifically allow departments access to what you would like them to be allowed access to as this will prevent further access. 

For example, if you have a department "Department A," you have the categories "Category A" and "Category B," and you only want customers in Department A to see products in Category A, you would take the following actions:

Set Default Is Allowed to False

Create a rule allowing Department A to access Category A (this will include the products within the category).

Since Default Is Allowed is set to False, the customers in Department A will only be able to see Category A and its products, so they will not have access to Category B.

Deny Guest Accounts should always be ticked as true.


Setting Department Permissions

From the Admin menu, go to Catalogue > Access Permission > Setup Access Permissions

The top of the page confirms your Storefronts Access Permission settings (detailed above)

Below this you can select the Role or Department you wish to assign a restriction/access to.


Once you select a department, a secondary menu appears asking you what area of the site you wish to target. General site use would be covered from either Products or Categories.




Select a target, and click Load.

This loads all possible options for the site. Each option has a tick box to 'apply' access to, and once ticked, you can the grant access to it or leave unticked to restrict access.




Save the mappings when complete.

Impersonate the user or use the Access Permissions test in the same Infigo menu.

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