Creating your own Catfish Jobticket

Catfish allows users to customise their own Platform Job Ticket.

The Job Ticket can be created using the standard Infigo Designer plugin, using fields and variables named from the following list. 

*Please note there is a complete list of placeholders in admin where you can search for order or orderline specific placeholders. These are located: Admin > Catfish > Infigo variable data > Placeholders

  • SentToMeFlag - is "1" if sent to me is true, "0" otherwise
  • SKU (Stock Control Unit)
  • JobID (ID of the job)
  • OrderID (The actual order ID)
  • PONumber (Purchase Order Number)
  • ProductName (Name of the product)
  • CustomName (If it's enabled, Customers can name the products differently)
  • Quantity (The volume of the job)
  • UnitPrice (The price per unit)
  • TotalPrice (Total Price of an order)
  • Attributes - the selected product attributes (Additional information that are displayed to customers on product landing page)
  • UnitWeight (Weight of the unit)
  • TotalWeight (Total weight of order)
  • Username (Customer Usernames[If the option is enabled])
  • ShippingAddressName (Customer's shipping Name)
  • shippingcompanyname (Customers Shipping Company Name)
  • ShippingAddressLine1 (Customer's shipping address line 1)
  • ShippingAddressLine2 (Customer's shipping address line 2)
  • ShippingAddressZIP (Customer's shipping Postal Code)
  • ShippingAddressCity (Customer's shipping City name)
  • ShippingAddressCountry (Customer's shipping Country Name)
  • ShippingAddressEmail (Customer's shipping address Email)
  • ShippingAddressPhone (Customer's shipping address Phone Number)
  • ShippingAddressFax (Customer's shipping address Fax Number)
  • BillingAddressName (Customer's billing address name)
  • BillingAddressLine1 (Customer's billing address line 1)
  • BillingAddressLine2 (Customer's billing address line 2)
  • BillingAddressZIP (Customer's billing PostalCode)
  • BillingAddressCity (Customer's billing City)
  • BillingAddressCountry (Customer's billing Country)
  • BillingAddressEmail (Customer's billing Email Address)
  • BillingAddressPhone (Customer's billing Address Phone)
  • BillingAddressFax (Customer's billing Fax Number)
  • CheckoutAttributes (Different Attributes for checkout process)
  • CheckoutAttribute_{AttributeName} - This can be used in Infigo Designer tool to populate extra attributes (example: checkout attributes )
  • OrderedDate (The date the product is ordered)
  • NumPages (Number of pages on the product)
  • ShippingMethod (Delivery Method)
  • BillingAddress - whole address separated with new lines
  • ShippingAddress
  • BillingAddressCS - whole address separated with commas
  • ShippingAddressCS
  • ProductDescriptionCS
  • ProductAdminComment
  • LongProductDescription
  • OrderItemsNbr
  • OrderItemsSetSize
  • Page1, Page2 (To preview the job in your Jobticket you can use PageN, N represents the numbers of pages you wish to display for example Page1, Page2, Page12 etc - you must use a separate token per page preview you require - PageN on its own will just supply the first page of the document).


To add the above variables to a job ticket, you will need to use the placeholder of AttributeCFPARAMETER{AttributeName} - {AttributeName} will be replaced by the actual attribute name. An example would be, if you had a product attribute named Colour it would thus be called: AttributeCFPARAMETERColour.

If you wish to have all attributes included, simply name the field or variable "Attributes" (Without the quotation marks).

 An example of the default Job Ticket is attached to to give an idea of layout.

Uploading the job ticket

If you enter the storefront you want to use this job ticket in, choose Catfish -> Infigo Variable Data -> Infigo settings
you will see a job ticket upload area.


If you upload the job ticket to a specific storefront, it will only apply to this storefront.

If you upload the job ticket to the platform, it will apply this specific job ticket to all storefronts.

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