Assigning a Variable PDF to a Product

To trigger the Editable Product workflow a PDF file with fields created with the Infigo Designer Acrobat Plugin must be assigned to an existing Product.

To learn how to setup a Product, click here

Login to the Storefront you wish to add an Editable Product to as Admin.

Choose Catfish -> Infigo Variable Data -> Manage Infigo Products



The screen lists all existing Editable Products.

The search facility at the top allows you to quickly locate an existing Product in the list for editing.

To add a new Editable Product, click Add New in the top corner.

The page shows a drop down list of all Products that have been created on the site that do not have an Editable PDF attached to them.

Click Create New Infigo Product with the correct Product showing in the Product Variant list.

Browse and upload the PDF file from your local machine.


The system will show a green light when the product has uploaded successfully.

If there is a problem with the product it will show and error or a red light.

The product can be downloaded from this screen to adjust it in the future.

Save any changes and the product will now process through the Editor screen

For details on mode changes click here

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