Product Attributes

Product Attributes allow you to specify options, add-ons, and features to products.

Examples of this within the web to print market include: Lamination, Product Colour, Bubble Wrap packing, Paper Stock, Allowing your users to Upload their artworks or media files etc.

These can be specified to add cost to the product, or to flag up a feature to the printer once the order is placed.

To set this up, first you must create a group of attributes, go Admin -> Catalog -> Attributes -> Product Attributes
(you will need to do this per storefront)

Create a new attribute container (basically give it a name e.g. paper stock) and then save.

Visit the product you wish to add the drop down to in Admin -> Catalog -> Products

Locate the product name from the list and click on Edit.

Go to Product Variant and click Edit

Click on the Attributes tab at the top.

  • Add an attribute, and specify the label the customer sees (prompt)
  • Specify whether its required (mandatory)
  • Specify one of the following control types:
    1. Dropdown List
    2. Radio Buttion
    3. Checkboxes
    4. TextBox
    5. Multiline Textbox
    6. Date Picker (Customers can select an specific day)
    7. File Upload (Customers can upload their own artwork etc)
  • Finally, save the attribute.

Click Edit Attribute Values
This enables you to populate the drop down list or tick boxes with options.
You can also adjust the weight and price of the item from its original cost here too for each individual attribute value.

When you order this product, you will see the attribute populated on the Product Description page (page before the editor)

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