What's New in Infigo | January 2024

We're already over a whole month into 2024 and what a month it has been. Infigo's development team continue to produce an excellent array of new features and updates for the Infigo software, a few of which I'd like to share with you in this month's update!

Let's take a look at what was introduced into the Infigo software in January.




PrintIQ Custom Quoting

Module Duplication in Content Templates

Payment Capture Updates for Paytrace

Additional Barcode Creation Options

FOTM | Form Builder

Infigo Academy Webinar | Form Builder


PrintIQ Custom Quoting

This major update to our Connect: printIQ integration allows us to obtain fully specified, custom quotes from printIQ for use in your Infigo storefronts.


Until this point, in order to create an estimate and retrieve live pricing from PrintIQ it required you to create individual SKUs for each combination of product you wanted to offer to your customer. So if you had 5 fixed sizes, two stocks and two finishes it meant you needed to create 20 SKUs in PrintIQ.

This new functionality removes the need to create these products upfront and instead allows you to build up a detailed mapping between your Infigo product and it's printIQ equivalent using various component parts of that product.


This works by building up a base specification on an Infigo Product level, and then overriding certain parts of that specification on an Infigo Product Attribute or Infigo Product Attribute Combination level, allowing your customers to build up more complex quotes. We will discover how to configure both on these levels during this tutorial.



Module Duplication in Content Templates

This simple but oh-so-important update to our Content Template functionality allows you to duplicate entire content blocks with a single icon. This makes creating repeated content a breeze, as you will now only have to change the content itself instead of recreating the entire layout and structure.





Need some guidance on the use of Content Templates? You can find information on the Academy Portal


Payment Capture Updates for Paytrace

We have revamped out checkout process for PayTrace to ensure payment authorisation is carried out before orders are confirmed. This update addresses a previous possibility where orders could be placed within Infigo without immediate payment being made (instead being marked as not paid).

For now, this functionality is available for the PayTrace payment method only, but will be rolled out to our wider selection of payment options in coming releases.


Additional Barcode Creation Options

We have extended the capabilities of our barcode field script in MegaEdit to allow the generation of several GS1 type barcodes.

These can be enabled by going to the config of the Barcode Field script (either at product level or global), then entering:



showExtendedBarcodes: true,

showButton: true,



You can learn more about the Barcode Field script in the tutorial below.



Feature of the month | Infigo Form Builder

We are excited to announce our extensive Form Builder functionality, planned for release in the coming months. The Infigo Form Builder gives you the ability to design intricate product template forms with ease within MegaEdit.

Many customers utilising the services of our Professional Services team will be familiar with this amazing set of features, with it having been part of their arsenal of tools for some time when building products. All the while honing, refining and further developing its capabilities.

However, we're nearing the time where it's ready to be made available to the wider Infigo audience.



Our Form Builder is designed to help both you, as the creator of the product templates, and your customers, as the users of those product templates.

For the administrators, the Infigo Form Builder makes it even easier to generate intricate variable product templates. In addition to MegaEdit’s vast array of capabilities, the Form Builder provides you with an intuitive user interface to fully define the behaviour and capabilities your product's pages and individual fields in a few simple clicks.

For your customers, the Infigo Form Builder provides an intuitive, minimalist user interface. They’re presented with their artwork, a form and not much else (unless you want them to have further customisation options, of course).

The Infigo Form Builder is packed full of capabilities for the more technically minded product builder, allowing you to customise and create to your heart’s content. Whilst our initial content will focus on the basics and fundamentals, we’ll reveal all with more detailed tutorial content once the Form Builder has been released.




Excited to learn more? Our February Academy webinar will focus on the Form Builder. You can register on this page, in the next section!


Infigo Academy webinar | Infigo Form Builder

As you may have read in the previous section, the Form Builder is an amazing piece of functionality that we will soon be making available to our customers. In February's webinar, we'll show you the capabilities of this feature and get you ready to hit the ground running once it is released.




Deployments: R24-02, R24-04
Deployed: January 2024

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