What's New in Infigo : September 2023


Today we look back at last months Infigo deployments, along with what they mean for you.

In September, we were all about quality, not quantity. We worked hard to fix any software issues and sprinkled in just a few exciting new features.

Fear not though, new feature lovers! We have some big, bold and downright impressive pieces of functionality in the works!

Read on to learn more about September's updates.



Pop up cross-sell

Tharstern status updates & tracking info

Easypost user experience enhancements

Feature of the month | Pricing scripts

Infigo Academy webinar | Pricing scripts

The best of the rest

Bug fixes and general improvements


Pop up cross-sell

We have added a new method of displaying cross-sell products in the basket screen. You now have the option to choose between inline or pop-up display.

Check out the video below for more information on cross-selling within Infigo.



Tharstern status updates & tracking info

We have extended our integration with Tharstern, by introducing the ability for Tharstern job status updates to automatically update the job status in Infigo.

In addition a tracking number can be pushed from Tharstern to Infigo, allowing end users to easily review the tracking information rather than contacting the site owner.

These actions are accomplished with the use of webhooks.



Easypost user experience enhancements

Rename services from Easypost

We have introduced the ability to rename the utilised Easypost services.

For example, if you wish to rename the standard service name (such as "FEDEX_GROUND") with a more applicable name for the service provided (such as "Fast" or "Special Delivery").


This information is entered into the Friendly Name field of the Easypost Service Configuration.


Carrier logos in checkout when using Easypost

Carrier logos have been added to Infigo and will displayed to end users during the checkout process when using Easypost.


rename service.png


Feature of the month | Pricing scripts

Pricing scripts were created to address situations where customers wanted to have more control over pricing and processing than their system originally supported. Whilst custom pricing scripts can be created for niche scenarios, the Infigo provided Generic Pricing Script can be used for the vast majority of scenarios.

The "Generic Pricing Script" is a versatile tool that allows users to create custom pricing rules for products or services based on various attributes and combinations. It offers manual control over pricing adjustments and can handle a wide range of pricing scenarios, making it a valuable tool for businesses seeking flexible pricing solutions.

Take a look at the video below for a quick introduction to Pricing Scripts. October's Infigo Academy webinar will also cover this topic. It's free for any of our customers, click here to register.



Infigo Academy webinar | Pricing scripts

September's webinar delved into the realms of Access Permissions within Infigo. We provided an overview of the entire functionality, but focused primarily on how the rules engine operates.

If you missed it, you can watch on demand. Just click here!


For October, our topic is An Introduction to Pricing Scripts.

In this 1-hour webinar, we will show you the capabilities of pricing scripts, including:

  • Infigo product pricing methods explained
  • Enabling the Generic Pricing Script on your products
  • Data format for the Generic Pricing Script
  • Generic Pricing Script in action
  • Tips and tricks with the Generic Pricing Script
  • An overview of custom pricing scripts

The Infigo Academy customer webinars are free for any of our customers, simply fill in your details below to register!


An Introduction to Pricing Scripts | Webinar Sign-Up


The best of the rest

Account ID column added to customer current baskets table

Each customer has a Current Basket tab available within their customer account screen. This contains a table showing products the customer has in their basket. This table covers ALL storefronts on the platform.

For example, if a customer email address exists on two storefronts within the Infigo platform, this table will have a separate row for the basket contents from each storefront.

A new column has been added to this table, detailing the "Account ID" of the storefront from which that basket product is drawn.




Welcome email able to be sent with account admin approval

Updates have been made to the Welcome email message template. This message will now still be sent, even if the customer registration method is set to "Admin Approval".

This allows administrators to inform customers their account is being reviewed and is pending approval.


Bug fixes and general improvements

A selection of fixes and general improvements made to the software in these deployments. This does not constitute a full list!

  • Fixed issues with mask script not triggering in MegaEdit
  • Fixed an issue with MegaEdit product background display when hiding bleed lines
  • Changes made to Easypost record quantity calculation to mitigate identified issues
  • Fixed issues related to prepopulating data in the "County" field
  • Resolved issues with trust levels reverting to 0 in specific scenarios
  • Fixed issues with the Easypost Services table
  • Updates made relating to department delivery restriction use when delivery restrictions are subsequently disabled

  • Additional support added for CMYK Image in Adobe Illustrator.
  • Bug fix for adding address on general settings page
  • Updated when "Approval required" messages are displayed to users
  • Fixed MegaEdit Text Flow Issues when an empty line is used
  • Added audit logging for copy to hotfolder for additional items
  • Fix duplicate Tharstern order call on shipped.
  • Changes made to the styling placed on a cursor in a MegaEdit text field
  • Fixed concurrency issue for customer CSV import
  • Blog entry list updated to show newest entry first


Deployments: R23-35, 36, 37 & 38
Deployed: September 2023

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