Attributes As Products Custom Product

This article serves to cover, illustrate and define the Custom Product Type of 'AttributesAsProductsCustomProduct'. For the purposes of this article, the creation of a custom product of a book will be outlined as an example.

Step One

The first step of the process will be to create six products (the primary product - book and five products which will serve as attributes. For the purpose of this article they will be the languages of Dutch/English/French/German and Spanish). Please note, in a real world scenario it can be more or less than 6 products.

Navigate to Catalogue >Products > Product Management and select 'Add New'.


Navigate to Catalogue > Attributes > Product Attributes and name and create the necessary product attribute. As a result of the previous step, and for simplicity, the product attribute will be named 'Language'.



Navigate back to the Product (Catalogue > Product Management then click 'Edit' on the Book product, then go into it's product variant and go to the 'Attributes' tab) and enter the necessary Product Variant Attribute (in this case, 'Language'). Following this, the attribute values will also be required.



Step Two

*Please note, from the above steps when adding the attribute values, the values must match exactly the name of the product in order for them to be linked.* 

Navigate to Catalogue > Product Types > Custom Products and press 'Add New'. Then from the next screen, select AttributesAsProductsCustomProduct from the dropdown and select your product. Then press Add new custom product. mceclip4.png


Following the above steps, when viewed on the live storefront, the 'Book' product should now be present and feature the attribute of 'Language' and possess the five values (Dutch/English/French/German/Spanish).


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