Adjusting the Product Price Using Stock Factor

MegaEdit allows you to assign a price factor to your stock, allowing you to modify the price depending on the stock chosen.

The price factor will be how much the product's base price is multiplied by, meaning that if you were to change the price factor to 1, then the base price will be unaffected. If you were to change it to 1.5, then the base price would be multiplied by 1.5.

For example, if your product had a base price of £4, and you had a stock price factor of 1.5, then the product will end up with a final price of £6 (£4 * 1.5).

Please note that this feature will take no effect if the price adjustment is 0 as this will disable the stock pricing feature.

To adjust your stock's price factor, navigate to Admin -> Catalogue -> Product Types -> MegaEdit -> MegaEdit StockThis will take you to a page which will look similar to below:


Click the Edit button which shares a row with the stock you would like to add a price factor for. This will redirect you to the page below:


To enable the stock price adjustment, simply change the PriceAdjustment field to a value larger than 0.

Once you have set the PriceAdjustment field to the value that you would like to modify your price by, simply click Save. 

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