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MegaEdit supports dynamic bullet points that can be a text character or an image. (Blue square example shown below is an image.png file)  Here we go over the setup for using and applying the Bullet Point List script. 

NOTE: If you require scripting to be enabled, please contact the support desk. 


The Bullet Point List script applied


To navigate to the MegaEdit scripts, go to Catfish > Infigo Variable Data > Dynamic Products. Then click the 'Products Tab' in the upper right-hand corner, this will show all of your Dynamic Products. Press 'Edit' on the product you want to work with. Navigate to the 'Scripts' tab on the upper right-hand corner. 



First, enable the Bullet Point List script by checking the box (MegaEdit PRO users) within the product's script tab. See Figure 1. Then press 'Save Changes'. 


Figure 1



By using a Config against the script, you can apply various settings.

Example Config code:


mode: "text",
{ clipartAlbum: "clipart album name", clipartName: "clipart file name" }

{ x: -10, y: 6.5, width: 4, height: 4}

{ font: "FontName", fontSize: 12, color: "#3affef", character: "•" }




You need to decide which mode you wish to use, an image or a text character, and change the mode setting at the top of the Config.


“image” will reference an image from a clipart category, you must specify the clipart album name first then the name of the image file to use, do not include the file type (.jpg / .png etc) and ensure the catergory and file names are exact named matches, including any capital letters etc.


“text” will reference a character using a specified font name, font size (pts), color (use hex #------ or CMYK using c:m:y:k eg. 8:44:56:9) and text character (you must ensure the character to be used is within the chosen fonts glyph set)

Position: x and y measurement is how far from the text field you wish to position the bullets

Position: Width and height - this is the size of the image field (in pts) that will display the image or text character.


Applying to a Text Field

The Text Field you want to use the bullets with is required to have a tag applied to it for the script to initiate. The tag is “bulletpointlist” (see Text options image below Figure 2)



Figure 2

The bullets will appear on the left hand-side of the chosen text field when a line return is registered for that line of text once you have clicked focus away from the text field using bullets.


Figure 3

Please note: Bullets will be displayed outside of the text field - you may be required to adjust the positioning of your text field to suit any page formatting. See Figure 3. 


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