Add RecordCount Attribute


The RecordCount attribute is implemented to give users transparency on the file they have uploaded; to display the number of records that have been recognised as records from the uploaded file in case of any errors in the file.

There are four steps to adding the RecordCount Attribute to your products:

1. On EVERY product you wish to have a RecordCount attribute add the following configuration to the attributes tab in the Product Variant section (right-click on image and select 'Open image in new tab' in case example is too small).

2. Once the attribute has been added on the product level you need to set up the script. Go to Catfish > Other > Custom Scripts and create new using the green tick and insert the script by clicking 'Edit' and pasting in the below as plain text:

var numItems = 0;
if(Item.IsBatch) {
if(Item.NumberOfRecords > 0)
numItems = Item.NumberOfRecords;
Item.setAttributeValue("RecordCount", numItems);

return Item.Price;


3. Enable the setting Configuration > Settings > Shopping Basket Settings > Show Batch Record Count (see below)


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