Using Custom Job Names in Infigo

Custom job names can be set for order lines either through Saved Projects, or during a mandatory step between the basket and checkout pages, or when adding a product to the basket (this step can be enabled/disabled).

We support this feature for the following product types:

  • Infigo Order Products
  • Multi Part Order Products
  • MegaEdit Order Products
  • Symphony Order Products

Enabling Custom Names

Before proceeding, you must enable custom names on your storefront.

To do this, navigate to  Configuration → Settings → Product and Editor Settings → Infigo Settings

 and enable


Changing the name through "Saved Projects"

  1. Navigate to My Account → Saved Projects
  2. Click the "Edit" button highlighted in the below screenshot next to the order you wish to name
  3. Change "Default" to the name you want and click "Update"

Changing the name using the mandatory naming page when adding to basket

  1. Navigate to Configuration → Settings → Product and Editor Settings → Infigo Settings and enable the CustomNamesAreMandatory setting
  2. Attempt to add a product which is of a supported type to the basket
  3. You will be redirected to the following page which forces you to name each applicable product. Note: If you have a product which does not support custom names (such as NOP products) then they will not appear on this page.
  4. After clicking "Save and Continue" their custom names will be updated and you will be able to checkout as usual
    Note: This page will appear whenever a user either tries to add a product to the basket which supports custom names or when they try to checkout with products that support custom names in their basket, forcing the user to name all custom-nameable products before checkout.

Changing the name within the basket

  1. Add a supported product to the basket
  2. Click "Edit" next to the "Name:" field

Front end usage of the custom names

In My Account → Orders users can search past orders by either their ID or their custom name. As shown in the screenshot below, the search will return any orders which have an orderline containing the custom job name.


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