Dynamic Field Movement

With Infigo Designer, it is possible to move selected fields based on their individual sizes, allowing for a more aesthetically pleasing document with fields which automatically move to accommodate their sizes.

This can be achieved through the predefined Javascript "Dynamic Text Script" which is one of the many scripts which are installed alongside Infigo Designer. 


I will be demonstrating how to set this up using a simple document which contains only three fields, as seen in the screenshot below.

In order to configure the predefined Javascript, you need to navigate to Infigo Designer > Predefined Javascripts using the navbar at the top, as highlighted in the following screenshot.

Next, select "Dynamic Text Script" and click "Run Script"

A menu will pop up containing a list of all the instances in which you have used this script. If you've not used this script yet, this list will be empty. 

From here you need to click "Add" and then you'll be able to configure this instance of the plugin, allowing you to change three settings for this script instance:

Direction - Which direction the script will be moving the fields in, horizontally or vertically.

Sort Order - Whether the fields are sorted in ascending or descending order

Gap - The space allocated between each field

For this example, I will be changing the direction to "Vertical", whilst leaving the Sort Order as "Ascending" and the Gap as 5.

After clicking "OK" a menu will pop up containing a list of all the text fields contained within your document. You can select which fields will be affected by this instance of the script.

Next, you will be redirected to the menu which allows you to add new instances of this script, however this time it will contain the instance you have just configured.

All you need to do now is click "OK" on this menu and "Close" on the "External Javascripts" menu, save the document and then the script will be configured.

Below is a screenshot of how my document looks when it is first uploaded.

Please note: the fields have already moved closer together to fit the gap I set of 5.

In this next screenshot, I have added some text to increase the number of lines and the script has automatically moved the fields so that they do not overlap each other and maintain their gap of 5.



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