Integrating with Dropbox

To set up integration with Dropbox and allow customers to select pictures from their Dropbox accounts you will need to set up an account with Dropbox so you can create and manage the application. You can create an account on their website which is accessible on this page

Once you have logged in/created an account go to the chooser page and click 'Create an app' (found at the bottom of the first Setup paragraph). Once this page has loaded you can set up the chooser for your customers to select their images by selecting the options displayed in the image below;

Once these have been chosen scroll down to name your app and then proceed to the configuration page

Status - Development is the ideal status as the Chooser will not need a production license

Permission Type - Defined when choosing app type

App key - Needed for integration into Catfish

App secret - Not needed

OAuth 2 - Not needed

Chooser/Saver domains - &

Webhooks - Not needed


Catfish-side Integration


  • Go to Catfish > Media > Media Album > Settings > Dropbox
  • Enable the plugin using the checkbox (as shown below)
  • Enter the App key into the field next to the checkbox (as shown below)


Once you have saved the configuration you will be able to add images into MegaEdit from your Dropbox account


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