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Currently Infigo Products support additional data files. These files can be uploaded against a specific product and then referenced from the PDF template through scripting. When editing an Infigo Product, you can enter a simplified explorer view to upload and manage files, create folders etc.

Those files are accessible during output creation by using a base folder which will point towards that repository. The base folder is injected into a document property called "Base" and you have to use Infigo Designer JavaScript code to use that data.

However, that repository is specific to each product and cannot be easily shared, so we have introduced a new Global Additional Data repository.

This can be found under Catalogue > Product Types > Infigo Editor > Infigo Additional Data, where you have the ability to manage and upload global data. Visible to ALL Infigo Products.
The Infigo Additional Data directory is split per storefront.

Under Configuration > Settings > Product and Editor Settings > Infigo Settings, XML tab, we have created two new settings to enable the injection of the required global base properties in Infigo Designer:

One is used to enable the injection as default - and one to also include the platform data.

That means that in addition to the storefront global data, you can access the platform global data as well separately, which would mean you can share files across the entire platform. These would obviously need to be setup and managed on the platform level.

The second is for the storefront global data.



These are two new document properties in Infigo Designer:

- GlobalBase
- GlobalPlatformBase

When the settings are enabled in Infigo Settings these properties will get created automatically and the path will be injected so that it can then be referenced accordingly.

Some sample JavaScript code that uses these properties could look like:

var base = Document.getProperty("GlobalBase");
if(base) base = base.getValue();

if(base) {
//The file names are hardcoded here
//We load one from the root - and one file from a subdirectory
var img1 = base + "\\dancers.gif";
var img2 = base + "\\Test\\angel.jpg";

var imgField1 = Document.getField("Image1");
var imgField2 = Document.getField("Image2");

else {
alert("No global base available");

This functionality allows you to have a large amount of PDFs, images, etc. that you would otherwise either have to embed within the Infigo Variable PDF or upload per product in the product specific additional data directory, that can now be made visible in one central location to ALL Infigo products. This makes it extremely easy to maintain going forward and will ensure your PDF files are not bloated with embedded files causing potential resource and performance issues.

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