Development Requests

There are occassions where our wonderful software doesn't do what you need it to, or it does just not quite how you or your customer expect it. For those situations, we offer you the ability to raise a Development request through our Support Team. This article will walk you through the process and what happens behind the scenes to provide you the costs and estimations behind custom development pieces.


1. Raising a quote

First step, simple raise a ticket with our support team and from the list of available forms select 'Development Request'. Please provide as much information in this request as possible to avoid lots of follow up questions from our support team to try and understand what it is that you need.

Any background and context to the request is always a good place to start and if it is something visual or logic then screenshots or workflows are great. Otherwise a good paragraph or two about what it is you are trying to achieve and how.


2. 14 day indicative quote

It is now over to our support and development team to read through your request and provide you back with an initial indicative quote. This is to ensure that the budgets we are considering for the develoment work match your expectations.

You then have 30 days to accept that initial quote.


3. Formal quote

Once you have accepted the initial quote we then hand it over to one of our senior developers to write the detailed specification - taking a deeper look into the hows and whats in more detail so that we know exactly the work involved and how long it might take.

At this point we are able to provide you with a formal quote. This will be initially provided through the Development Request ticket you created and then followed up with a formal quote link from our accounting software. Again, you have 30 days to accept the quote and you can accept it by simply clicking on the link we provide.

This then enters you into a formal agreement with ourselves to provide you with the agreed development work at the agreed costs. 

We ask for 50% payment upfront, and 50% payment on completion.


Progress of the development task will then be provided to you via the support team on the Development Request ticket you raised.

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