Product Import & Product Export


Within Catalogue > Products > Product Management there is are Import and Export (to excel) options. 




The Product Import allows you to create products 'on mass' by importing them from a CSV. If you would like to use this option then we advise first using the Export to Excel option to give you a template for the import. This way you will have the latest column headers. 

Please note: we don't recommend you saving that templates locally as we may update the column headers from time to time. 


When you click on Import from Excel you'll be asked to choose the import file and instructions will be given:



The Product Export will give you a download of all your existing products as per the below.

We have created this export as the Product Report in the reporting suite doesn't include all of the product information that you may wish to review.  



Please be aware this is an import and export tool. It doesn't update product information, for example it wouldn't allow you to export, make changes to existing products and re-import into Infigo to update product information. 


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    Dean Moncaster

    " 'on mass'"

    That term was taken from French and should actually be "en masse". :D

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