Chameleon - Configuring Bindings


So you're using Chameleon and you'd like to set up bindings for each Chameleon Group. 

Once you have submitted a new binding request ticket and it has been added to our servers you can follow these steps...

1. You need to add the URLs in the storefront management page (you must be logged in with platform admin to this, and select the storefront where you're configuring your Chameleon Groups). 
To do this go to Configuration > Storefront Management and click '+' next to portal > Click '+' next to storefront you want to update (which is using Chameleon). 

2. Now enter the url as per the binding request.

3. Now you have the URLs configured against the storefront, you need to map them against your departments. To do this please go to Content Management > Chameleon. Expand Chameleon department you wish to configure the URL for and then click the Configuration button. Now enter the URL you would like in the URL pattern field and click Save. 

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