Bindings: setting up redirection


You may want to set up redirection on your storefront; this could be that you've changed your binding or it could be that storefront binding ends in "" and you're finding that some end users are mistakenly going to ".com", you want them to be automatically redirected to the correct site. 

For the purpose of this article I am going to use the latter as an example.

- "" as the live store and, 

- "" as the site I would like to redirect. 


1. Select your live storefront on the storefront selector 

2. Go to Storefront Management to add as a binding. For more information please see "how to create a new storefront".

3. Log into your DNS administration and add a new binding and point it towards Infigo by copying the CNAME you have for the live site. 

Please note: your DNS may take some time to propagate but it should advise you of lead times upon making this change. 


Once these changes have been made anyone that accidently goes to the .com address should be automatically redirected to the address (the live site). 


If you're looking to setup redirection on a specific page URL within your site, then please submit a support ticket with the current URL and where you would like to redirect to. 

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