Invent Feature List

Supported Features

MegaEdit Features


Create Products

  • Single page documents
  • Fixed page count
  • with or without bleed (bleed can be only uniform)​

Create and manage MegaEdit resources (to be used directly as if created in Admin):

  • Cliparts
  • Fonts
  • Backgrounds

Settings to control for all field types:

  • Visibility
  • Size, Position & Rotation​
  • Name & Tags
  • Placeholder text
  • Restrictions (allow selection/movement/etc)
  • Background
  • Static background
  • Mapped to variable

Settings to control for text fields:

  • Text Value
    • Static
      • Optionally with variables within the text
    • Mapped directly to Variable
  • Font (also bold/italic variants)
    • Static
    • Mapped to Variable
  • Font Size
    • Static
    • Mapped to Variable
  • Text Color
    • Static
    • Mapped to Variable
  • Fit to box
  • Text- & Render Mode
  • Alignment, LineHeight & Char Spacing (once per field)
  • Richtext when supplying static text:
    • Font
    • Font size
    • Color
    • Text decoration

Settings to control for image fields:

  • Mapped cliparts (changing the image)
    • Static
    • Mapped to Variable
  • Effects & Render mode
  • Opacity
  • Tint
  • Alignment
  • Image specific constraints



InDesign integration specific features

Additional resource types

  • text library (plain text entries)
  • colour sets (including spot colour)

Variables & forms

  • Variables working similar to ME batch feature used in UI to build up a form
    • Constraints configurable
    • Form types
      • Single form for all pages
      • Individual form for each page
      • Optional popup form
    • Types
      • Text
      • Boolean
      • Color
      • Number
      • Dropdown
        • Linked to values
        • Linked to resources (e.g. cliparts)
      • Date

Other features

  • Text suppression for variable usage
  • Grouping feature
    • Multiple hierarchy levels
    • Enforce uniform font sizes (with constraints)
    • Suppresion and dynamic movement of groups
    • Master/slave setup for fields within groups​
  • Rectangle Frames Only


Unsupported Features


In this first launch version of Infigo Invent, anything not mentioned above is deemed as unsupported.

MegaEdit features not supported

  • Upload media option in form (only support for clipart for now)
  • Barcodes
  • Text shadow
  • Text flow
  • Raster masks
  • Text library items with rich text features
  • Advanced page setups
    • Spreads
    • Variable page counts (incl. default layouts)
  • Full spot colour support


InDesign only features not supported 

  • Text settings not supported in MegaEdit 
    • Super/sub script
    • Advanced glyph placement (kerning/shearing etc)
    • Justification alignments
    • Multiple leadings or character/word spacing configured within a single frame
  • Advanced clipping paths (polygons, vector masks)
  • Adobe cloud fonts are currently not supported
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