Admin Menu Re-structure and Text updates


In parallel with the Infigo re-brand updates to your administration area colours and logo, we have also made some menu and text changes to make it more intuitive and bring it inline with the brand. This article aims to explain some of the changes we have made and why, to help with the transition period and ensure you can continue to find what you are looking for easily.


Menu Re-structure

Firstly, we have re-ordered the top level menu items into an order that we think is more intuitive.

Dashboard - remains as is.

Insights - We have moved this under Dashboard as a group since they are both related to reporting and storefront performance.

Sales - An important page in the Admin as this is where you can monitor your orders, we have moved this nearer to the top.

Catalogue - This is now home to all Product related menu items, bringing them together in one place and stopping the need to jump around in the menu when building or editing products.

Customers - No real changes here.

Promotions - No real changes here (apart from re-ordering the three sub menu items within it).

Content Management - Here we have re-ordered and renamed some of the sub menu items contained within Content Management, again just trying to make it more intuitive and bringing the items that might be used more often towards the top. This should become your one-stop-shop for all things content and 'look and feel' related on your storefronts.

Configuration - Many changes were made in here, it has been used as a catching ground for all configuration or settings related sub menu items.

System - No real changes here.

Catfish - REMOVED

Shared Print Operations - This has not changed and we have kept it at the bottom where everyone is used to it, so as not to disrupt things too much.


Secondly, one of the biggest changes we made, was to remove the Catfish top level menu item. With it no longer being part of the brand and it actually not really being a meaningful location for menu items we have removed it and then dispersed the items that used to live underneath it to the other areas in the menu, highlighted below:


Menu Item Previous Location New Location Reason

Tag Search


Catalogue > Products

Tag Search is a product related feature and therefore makes sense to live amongst the other product configuration menu items.

Infigo Variable Data Catfish > Infigo Variable Data Deleted This menu item no longer exists and its child items have been re-dispersed. 
Infigo Settings Catfish > Infigo Variable Data Configuration > Settings We have tried to contain all our settings pages in one place - Under Configuration > Settings to make it consistent and easy to find.

Infigo Products

Static PDF Products

Multi Part Products

Dynamic Products

Custom Products

Catfish > Infigo Variable Data Catalogue > Product Types We have made all of these Product Admin pages under a new sub menu item called 'Product Types' and this lives with all the other product related items under Catalogue.
Printing  Catfish > Printing Deleted This menu item has been deleted and its sub menu items have been re-dispersed.
Suppliers Catfish > Printing > Suppliers Configuration Now found under Configuration as makes more sense
Hot Folders and Print Locations Catfish > Printing > Hot Folders and Print Locations Configuration Now found under Configuration as makes more sense
Media  Catfish > Media Deleted This didn't need its own menu item
Media Album Settings Catfish > Media > Media Album Settings Configuration > Settings All settings pages have been moved under Settings to keep it consistent
Other Catfish > Other Deleted This made no sense
Additional Data Catfish > Other > Additional Data Deleted This did not require its own menu item
Global Additional Data Catfish > Other > Additional Data > Global Additional Data Configuration > Resources Grouped with other data 'resources' features in a new menu item
Pricing Scripts Catfish > Other Catalogue > Products Moved into the Products menu item as it is to do with setting up your products
Departments Catfish > Other Configuration  
Access Permission Catfish > Other Catalogue Moved to be part of the Product setup as access permissions control what products users can or cannot access.

Setup Access Permission

Test Access Permissions

List Access Permissions

Catfish > Other > Access Permission Catalogue > Access Permission As above
Access Permission Settings Catfish > Other > Access Permission Configuration > Settings All settings pages have been moved under Settings to keep it consistent
Custom Data Catfish > Other Configuration > Resources Like Global Additional Data, Custom Data is a place where you can upload resources to be used.


Catfish > Other Content Management A feature that is related to changing the look and feel of your storefronts so moved into Content Management for consistency


Catfish Deleted  

Editor Settings

Approval Workflow Settings

Page Split Settings

Catfish > Settings Configuration > Settings All settings pages have been moved under Settings to keep it consistent

Theme Settings

Catfish > Settings Content Management An exception to the settings rule, this has been moved under Content Management as it forms part of the website look and feel. As mentioned below, has been renamed to 'Appearance Settings'

Editor Settings
Infigo Settings
Dynamic Product Settings
Symphony Settings
SMS Settings
Text Marketer Settings
Custom Product Type Settings
Page Split Settings
PDF Profile Settings

Various Configuration > Settings All settings pages have been moved under Settings to keep it consistent

MIS Settings

Reapit Settings

Catfish > Other > MIS

Catfish > Settings

Configuration > Settings > Integrations Moved within a sub menu of Settings to group them a little nicer and keep it consistent. As mentioned below, MIS has been renamed to Connect so MIS Settings has become 'Connect Settings'.

MIS plugins

Catfish > Other > MIS Configuration > Plugins Moved within a new sub menu item called 'Plugins' and as mentioned above MIS has been renamed to Connect so this now becomes 'Connect Plugins'



Text Updates

As part of the re-brand, we have updated some of our Product names and details of these updates can be seen below. In conjunction with this, we have taken the time to update some menu items and feature names in Infigo to become clearer.



This is no more. The term 'Catfish' is no longer part of Infigo. The product name has changed to 'Infigo' and therefore all references of Catfish in the system have been updated to 'Infigo'.


Dynamic Products

Since MegaEdit was born, we have called the products in Admin - 'Dynamic Products.' We thought it was about time we updated this to remove any references to Dynamic that related to MegaEdit and just call it 'MegaEdit.' So this impacts products, all the MegaEdit resources (canvases, stocks etc.) and also settings. Instead of now searching for 'Dynamic products' please search for 'MegaEdit products.'



We have rebranded our MIS integrations to use our new name 'Infigo Connect.'

Therefore MIS Plugins is now 'Connect Plugins,' MIS settings is now 'Connect Settings' and all our MIS Plugins now have 'Connect: ' in front of them.  e.g. 'Connect: Site Flow'


Message Templates

We recently updated our Message Templates to be called 'Email Message Templates' to help with searching for them in Admin.


Topic Pages

These will be updated to be called 'Content Pages' - as that is essentially what they are - pages that you can add to your site to provide additional content.


We have also updated all the Access Control rules to reflect the new Admin menu updates. However, if you do notice that users who previously had access to certain areas, now no longer do, please raise a support ticket and our team will be able to help you out.

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