Searching for Order Information


When end users place orders, they can search their "My Account" section to look for past orders based on certain search topics.  This article covers this search process.


My Account

Navigate to the my account section on the front end of your account and click on the orders tab

Under this section, you can filter and organise your previous orders to make them easier to read and see previous orders and re order if required.  Your options are as follows:

Sort By: Use to look at orders by date, Status and Order Number in ascending or descending format.


Search in: You can select one of these areas form the dropdown for previous orders using the following: OrderID, Product Name, Custom Name, SKU, Purchase Order number, Billing address and Shipping address.  Then, enter your keyword in the search box.


Show: Click one of the icons to show the orders with those status'.  The status' are as follows; All, Cancelled, Completed, Processing, Unpaid and Pending.




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