Types of SSLs

There are three different types of SSLs you can purchase for your domains: Single Use SSL, Wildcard SSL, and a SAN SSL.  Each one of these has pros and cons and this article will help make your decision easier.

Single Use SSL

This SSL only covers one of your domains at a time. It is typically the cheapest one to purchase, but if you have multiple domains to cover, we will need to install a different SSL for each domain you wish to secure.

Wildcard SSL

This SSL will cover a single domain, but with unlimited subdomains, as long as the subdomains follow the Wildcard SSL format. Here's an example of the the format needed to cover multiple domains:

*.yourdomain.com where the * is a subdomain.

As you can see with the storefront we provide you during your Infigo platform handover, we have it following the Wildcard format in order to protect that domain by using the infigosoftware.com Wildcard SSL:


So, if we wanted to add a new domain and have it covered under our wildcard SSL, it would have to follow that structure. Here is an example of a new sub domain we could add and have it immediately covered without installing a new SSL:


This SSL is typically a bit more expensive than a Single Use certificate, but cheaper than a SAN SSL, and is best used when you want to separate your storefronts with subdomains instead of regular domains i.e. "storefront1.yourcompany.com," "storefront2.yourcompany.com," instead of "storefront1.com," "storefront2.com."


The SAN SSL has the ability to cover multiple domains and does not require them to follow a format. For example, you can have the following domains and cover all of them with a single SSL:






This certificate is typically quite expensive and also requires you to re-install it each time you add a new domain.

Note: Each re-installation will incur the standard SSL installation fee (see this article for more).

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