How do I offer Infigo delivery methods, but still use Easypost to generate shipping labels?


So, you want to create shipping labels, but use our own Shipping by weight, fixed rate or custom delivery pricing plugins? No problem. This article will talk you through the steps.



Firstly, you need to setup your Carrier and Services Mapping, found in the Carrier and Services Settings section in the Easypost plugin configuration.


You can find a list of all the Easypost carriers and services and the service names to use here.

Once you have entered all of the services you want to offer, you need to map them to the Infigo Delivery Methods. Navigate in Infigo to the first delivery method you want to actually map.

For example, in this scenario I want to offer two fixed rate services to my customers - Standard & Express. Standard I am setting as a fixed price of 9.99 and Express a fixed price of 14.99.

When someone chooses the Standard option during checkout, I want it to request a shipment for USPS Priority, and a corresponding shipping label. When someone chooses the Express option during checkout, I want it to request a shipment for USPS Express.

I have already created the two Delivery Methods and now I want to map them.

I navigate to my delivery methods - Configuration > Settings > Delivery > Delivery Methods - and then click Edit on the one I want to map. In this case - 'Standard.'

Now I click on the green Infigo Connect button (the same way we map other Infigo entities to external systems) and in the popup a custom UI is generated that allows me to select a carrier and a service from the drop down lists provided. These drop down lists are essentially what is populated from the Carrier and Services Mapping section in the plugin configuration we referenced earlier.

For the Carrier I select USPS and for the Service I select 'Priority'

You will notice that in the External Id field it is building up a specific Easypost reference for that service that will be sent with the shipment request. 

Click 'Save External Reference' and that delivery method is now mapped to a USPS Priority service.

Now do the same steps again for the Express Delivery Method and this time, from the Service drop down select the Express option.

Now, anytime someone chooses either of these two fixed rate delivery methods during the checkout process, the relevant shipment and shipping label will be generated for either USPS Priority or USPS Express.


NOTE: This mapping option is currently only available for the following Infigo Delivery Computation Methods: Fixed Rate, Weight Based Delivery, Custom Delivery Pricing

Services offered by our UPS, USPS, Fedex rate plugins are not supported.

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