Infigo Support Charter

Infigo is committed to delivering excellent software to our customers, making sure that each and every one of you is driving value back into your business. We are committed in providing professional opinions, expert analysis and technical feedback where possible.

We do ask customers to follow the correct procedures in obtaining technical support and guidance to ensure a timely and satisfaction resolution to any issues.

We politely request that you do not email Infigo employees directly with issues or questions relating to the software, and that instead they are raised onto the support system.


Check The Knowledge Base

Our extensive Knowledge Base (Found here) provides customers with step by step guides, tutorials & instructions on how to Configure, Manage & Maintain their Catfish Platform.

We are continually growing this library of support articles, so if there is something missing, please ask and the team will organise for it to be written!


Contact The Support Team

The team can be contacted by support ticket or telephone, although if requesting support via phone, you might be asked to raise a ticket if the issue cannot be resolved on the phone.


Support Tickets

We ask all customers to ensure that each employee working on the Infigo platform has their own support account. Infigo can link accounts to the same organisation for visibility, so if you would like this setup for your company, please raise a support ticket clearly detailing all users to be linked. If you would like to raise a support ticket or register for a support account, please visit

Before you raise a support ticket, we always ask that you have initially checked the knowledgebase for guidance on how to configure or setup a feature or setting.

If you are contacting Infigo due to a bug or issue, we always ask that you have replicated the issue first and are able to provide clear and concise steps & information pertaining to the issue.

When raising support tickets, please ensure you select from the correct drop down menus so that we can route your request to the correct team. We also request that as much detail as possible is provided to ensure that the Infigo Support Analysts can respond in a timely manner.

Previously, we allowed customers to raise support tickets by simply emailing As of Monday 26th October 2020, this functionality will no longer be available, as we would like to ensure that all incoming support tickets are raised via the new support ticket options using the aforementioned relevant drop down's.

This change is to ensure we reply to you within a timely manner, and are able to dedicate the correct resource for the enquiry.


Telephone support

Telephone support is currently only available during UK office hours 09:00-17:00 BST / GMT Monday – Friday.


Contacting Infigo Support

Tel: 0330 460 0071 ext. 1
Knowledge Base & Support Tickets:


Support Hours

Infigo Software offers the following hours of technical support per day from 09.00 to 17.00 (±), Monday – Friday.

± BST during UK daylight saving, GMT during winter


Support SLA

For a copy of your support SLA, please refer to your licence agreement or contact your account manager today.


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