Raising Tickets



Our primary support tool is our Support Desk. Behind the scenes we have a dedicated and skilled team of support agents ready and waiting to provide first class technical support over the phone and primarily through tickets.

We ask that all customers create and login to their own support account when raising tickets. Doing this provides you with the best visibility of all your open tickets, their current status and the ability to reply easily.

If you have multiple users within your business and you would like them to all have shared visibility of each others tickets then just let us know as we can link their accounts.



If you follow the steps below when preparing yourself to raise a support ticket we assure you will receive the best experience.

  • Check the Knowledge Base - Before you raise a support ticket, we always ask that you have initially checked the knowledge base for guidance on how to configure or setup a feature or setting. We are constantly adding to the articles that are available and so there is a good chance you can find what you are looking for here first.
  • Create a Support Account or Log in
  • Ensure you have collated all the information you can on your query or issue. If you are raising a ticket about a bug you have spotted then please ensure you can either replicate the issue and provide steps on how we can or can clearly state what is happening and who or what is affected.
  • Raise a ticket through our Support Form - This is now the only way to raise a support ticket and we have tried to make the process as intuitive as possible by breaking down the questions asked based on the reason you are raising the ticket. Please always provide as much relevant information as possible.
  • Be on hand and look out for ticket responses - We might ask for more information or clarity on certain areas so please keep an eye out for our responses to your tickets and reply at your earliest convenience.


It is not possible to raise a support ticket via emails so please ensure you raise all requests here

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