Generate Order XML via Generic MIS

In this article, you will learn how to generate XML for orders that are placed and have them put into a hotfolder.

1. You first will need to have the MIS Generic plugin added to your platform. We have an article that can provide more information about this plugin.

Once you have MIS Generic added and enabled on your storefront, please be sure to enable it:

 Admin > Catfish > Other > MIS > MIS Settings


2. Now, you will need to setup the configuration, please navigate to:

Admin > Catfish > Other > MIS > MIS Plugins > Configure

You will then need to enable the Use Data Format XML setting.



3. Next, change the Predefined XSLTs (select an MIS from the list to Customize) setting from "Empty" to XSLToXML:



And then click Apply XSLT.

Your XSLT for Outgoing Calls box should now have XML** contained in it. 

**You can adjust your XSLT however you wish, this is just the default XSLT code generated by Catfish.


4. Lastly, you will need to select the hotfolder you would like this data to be mapped to. To do this, be sure to enable the Drop to Hotfolder setting found in the Hotfolder Details section. Then, enter the ID of the hotfolder you would like the XML to be dropped into. 


Note: You can find all of your hotfolder IDs here:


You now should have XML data for your orders being mapped to the designated hotfolder.

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