Enfocus PreFlight Profiles for use with customer uploaded media images

Preflighting customer images

Infigo supports the use of Enfocus Pitstop Profiles (.PPP) to be used against customer media upload items.  These profile work across several product types currently - Multipart Upload, MegaEdit (Editor and Upload UI).  Please see helpdesk for links on creating those products individually.

The profiles are there to help alert the end user to any potential issues that their images may have before they are processed and sent to production.  This can help to ensure customers are submitting good print quality images so job turnarounds and workflows can progress smoothly online.

Please note: THIS IS A PAID FOR MODULE - please raise a ticket if you would like info on pricing for this feature.


Setting up your profiles (.PPP)

As a user you will create and maintain your pitstop profiles with your various Checks, warnings and Action lists etc per profile.  We do not supply default profiles - you can ask for a professional service where we can create profiles for you - this is a chargeable service and is quoted and charged on a profile by profile basis.


Creating an Infigo Preflight profile

To use a .PPP file you will need to create an Infigo Preflight profile record that you assign the .PPP profile too.  To do this you will need to navigate to Catfish > Other > Pdf Profile Setup. (storefront name.com/CA/Admin/PdfProfile)  - If you cannot find this please raise a ticket with the helpdesk.


Create a record - and you will need to use the following info:

Name = name for the profile - admin use ONLY

Create PDF report = true/false - Generates a report for the end user to download on the .PPP profiles activity

Create XML report = true/false - Displays the message data from the .PPP profile for Checks, Warnings etc

Alter Input file = true/false - Allows the users uploaded file to be altered via any fixUps specified in the .PPP profile


Once created click on edit under Edit profile data.

Once inside the profile you will have access to various parts and features:

Profile File: Here you upload your .PPP profile

PDF Report Template:  You can create your own version of the reports template shown to the end user - so these could be branded with a header logo etc - please see link here for details: http://supportportal.enfocus.com/servlet/servlet.FileDownload?file=00PD000000saDxe or https://www.enfocus.com/manuals/Extra/CustomReportTemplate/17/home.html

XML: It will allow you to modify the behaviour of the profile so with only this configuration the same profile can be reused

Variables > Variable set: Allow for Infigo attributes to dicitate what to check for, ie Number Of Sides

Variables > Job Ticket XML: XML of the varibable set data.


Applying Infigo Preflight Profiles to products

1. Apply to a Multipart product;

Create your multipart product and in admin edit the config for the product under Infigo Variable Data > Multi part products > edit

Click on the configuration and you will see a stream of XML

Here you need to add the Infigo Profile Name to the name section, example below:

<PartConfiguration type="userupload" name="upload" requiredCheckProfile="Infigo Profile Name Here" optionalFixProfile="Infigo Profile Name Here" confirmPreview="False" />

The Check profile section will run a check on the media files uploaded

The Optional Fix Profile will allow the end user to "Auto Correct"  their upload using any fixups that were added to the .PPP profile.  (making sure that Alter Input file true/false was set to true).


2. Apply to a MegaEdit product

Create your MegaEdit product and in admin edit the deatils for the product under Infigo Variable Data > Dynamic products / Dynamic Products > edit


Here you will now see 3 drop-downs to use various Infigo Preflight profiles;

Check PDF Profile: Will use the selected profile to run the checks on uploaded image

Fix PDF Profile: Will allow the end user to "Auto Correct"  their upload using any fixups that were added to the .PPP profile.  (making sure that Alter Input file true/false was set to true).

Output PDF Profile: Will apply profile fixups at the point the output gets generated.

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