Setup PayPal for Your Storefront

This article is going to explain how to setup PayPal for your storefront. 



On the admin site, please navigate to Configuration > Payment Methods > locate Payments.PayPalStandard. 


To make this active on your storefront, press Edit, and toggle the check-box under Is active, then click Update


We no longer support Payments.PayPalDirect, this is a legacy setting and should not be used. 


Press Configure, on this page you will see a list of instructions on how to setup PayPal. After reading the instructions, you will need to put in the PayPal information. This is what you will see defaulted:


You need to put in the following:

- Business Email PDT Identity Token (from your PayPal Account)
- PDT Validate order Total (from your PayPal Account)
- Tick Pass product names and order totals to Paypal
- Override the URL of IPN handler (optional): an example would be (StorefrontURL)/Plugins/PaymentPayPalDirect/IPNHandler



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