Adjusting the look and feel of a storefront using CSS


Infigo allows you to style your storefronts individually by applying a CSS file to them directly. As this is done on a storefront level, you can have two storefronts on your platform which look nothing like one another.

What can be achieved through the use of CSS is hard to explain as it is a very open-ended question since it depends on the skill of the one producing the CSS.

More information can be found on CSS here:



Login to the storefront you want to create CSS for as a Storefront Administrator.


Uploading a CSS File

To upload a CSS file, navigate to Content Management > CSS Override


In here, you simply need to upload a .css file in the 'Upload a new CSS file' section as highlighted below:



Most browsers now have developer tools which allow you to inspect the elements of the page and see what tweaks will need to be made.

Please see the below links for how to do this on Google Chrome and Firefox: (may also be applicable to other Chromium-based browsers like Microsoft Edge)


Uploading and referencing images

If you wish to reference any image in your CSS files, upload them to the lower pane, and reference them within your CSS file using the {images}/imagename.jpg path.

The example file changes the colour of all the buttons and menu areas of the site to Purple / Black. This example file can be used and adjust to easily adjust colours by updating the # colour references.

NB Adjusting values of the site may result in the site looking differently to how it should. We suggest changes of this nature should only be applied by users who are aware of how CSS works.

Please also note that due to site caching (holding changes in memory) adjustments may not appear instantly.

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