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This article is going to explain a simple, convenient tool to allow the editor to default to layout when the user adds a new page. This can be used if your product allows for pages to be added by the user, but you want to keep the layout of the canvas consistent throughout the product. 

First and foremost, please view the following articles if you are not familiar with layouts:

How to Create a Layout Category?

How to Add/Edit Layouts?


After you have your layout category, and your layout established, you are now ready to set this up!


Steps in MegaEdit

1. You will need the name of the Layout Category and the Layout for this to work. 

2. Navigate to Show Menu > Edit Page Data

3. Navigate to the section New Page Defaults


4. In the Layout text box, put the name of the layout category, followed by a pipe '|' and the layout name. There should not be any spaces before or after the pipe. Below is a simple example:


5. Press Save, then refresh the editor. 

6. Now when you add a new page, the layout will automatically load on the canvas!

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