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When setting up shipping by weight in Catfish it is important to account for added weight that can possibly get added additionally to MegaEdit products.  Normally this value plays no part in the total weight value when using fixed weight shipping but kicks in when shipping by weight is made active. This weight is added via the output type that the MegaEdit product is using. The default value in the output type when created is '1' and this will add 1 kg/lbs (depending on default weight measurements for your storefronts) to your MegaEdit product plus any weights added at product variant level via the product directly or product group level. This can be adjusted easily and below we will show you how.

Navigate to Output types under in Catfish > Infigo Variable data > Dynamic products > Output types


Navigate to the Output type that needs amending and Edit and scroll to the bottom of the output type.


Under "Weight" you can simply adjust this figure as required.  0 will remove the extra weight.

In general this weight setting gets used when there is a dynamic element involved.  For example you have a photobook and you can have 2 output types assigned to a product 1 softcover and 1 hardcover configuration that the user can optionally choose.  A hardcover will weigh more than the softcover/self cover so this is where the weight factor comes in to play.  If your products do require this extra weight to be specified then please remove the value for accurate shipping weights.

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