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MegaEdit is compatiable with the use of barcodes whether there is a static data value you wish to add to it in the editor or whether you need to inject some data into a barcode on output creation (PDF creation) like for instance a shipping address of the user to be used with a barcode scanning device etc.

Firstly you will need to assign the the Barcode script against your dynamic product under the scripts tab against the product. (Speak to the Helpdesk if the script is not avaliable to select from the lists of scripts)


Once the script is enabled and assigned against the product you will see an "Add Barcode" button in the editor.


Clicking this button will create a Barcode field on the canvas area. A shown below:


This is the default start point of your barcode field.  There are 2 tabs on the Barcode field pop up options, Configuration and Details.  Details will list the same options as you see on the text/image field deatils so X/Y coordinates, Height/Width, tags allow/deny restrictions etc.

Configuration tab as displayed above shows a number of configurable settings, we shall briefly explain each one detailed below:

Type = What type of barcode you which to create, example STD-25/INT-25/QR Code/Data Matrix (see dropdown in editor for full list)

Value = The data you add here will be what is created via the barcode.

Encoding Mode = Only displays when Data Matrix is selected - options are BASE256/ASCII/C40/TEXT/X12

Auto Scale = Scales the barcode to fit the barcode field

Show Human Readable = This simply displays the value input below the barcode (as shown in above image with 123456789)

Margin Human Readable = This is a pixel value that adds space/padding between the base of the barcode and the Human readable value displayed below it.

Font Size = This will dictate the size of the text being displayed for the Human readable value.

Barcode colour = click the icon colour picker Screenshot_2018-07-05_12.06.40.png to enable the Megaedit colour pop up deatails where you can now assign a diffierent colour for the barcode to be displayed in.

If you wish to inject any other data from within catfish into a barcode on output creation or editor etc then this is possible but there would need to be a "MegaScript" written and applied to your storefront which is a chargeable development request, please contact the helpdesk for an explanation of your workflow requirements so a quote can be formally drafted for your approval.



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