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This article is going to explain how to setup the Delivery Countdown feature for your product's landing page. This can be helpful if you want to show your users when the order will be received if ordered by a certain time. 


Catfish Configuration

1. Navigate to the product you wish to apply this to, navigate to Catalogue > Products > Product Management, press Edit.


2. Under Display Settings on the Product Info tab, change the product template to Delivery Countdown. 


3. Now, you will have more options enabled at the bottom of this page. To turn this feature own, click Enable Delivery Countdown


4. There are a series of options you can enable, such as skipping certain days of the week, enabling weekend deliveries, and offsetting. 


5. Below are more details of the functionality of these settings:


Deadline hour: the deadline time to calculate the remaining time to order. 

Execution offset: a value here indicates the product will take an additional amount of X time to produce. You can also use the Execution Offset Tiers to specify an offset based on quantity. 

Delivery Offset: This is the amount of days the product needs for delivery after it has been set to shipped. 

Delivery on weekends: Enable this to display to the customer that the weekend is taken into consideration for the delivery, even if you only print Monday - Friday. 


6. You now have the Delivery Countdown enabled! Below is a sample of what this would look like:




If you are experiencing difficulty setting this up, or have any questions, please raise a support request with the name, and the Admin URL of your product and we gladly assist you. 



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