How to Create a New Storefront - Catfish

A Storefront depicts a new site for a business to access only their products. This article will show you how to create a new storefront within Catfish. 



1. Login as the Platform Administrator

2. Choose 'Platform' for the currently selected account. There are two ways to do this:


A. In the top-right corner of Catfish, you can see what account you are currently on, press this. 

You will now be brought to the 'Select Storefront' page. Find the Platform and press 'Select'. 


B. Navigate to Catfish > Storefronts > Select Storefront. Here you will be brought to the same page as step A. 


3. Navigate to Catfish > Storefronts > Storefront Management, expand the portal by pressing the '+' button


4. Press 'Add new record', then name the account and give it a description. Finally, press 'Insert'. 


5. Now, expand the storefront you just created by pressing the '+' button. Press 'Add new record'. This gives your storefront an alias. In this example, we give the Account Name a Storefront Alias as "mystore". Press 'Insert'. 


**NOTE** The name should be a text string (no spaces), contain no symbols and should be lowercase.


6. Once the storefront is created click on "Clear Account Cache" button.

7. Your new storefront URL should look something like this:

The alias will always appear at the end of the URL. 


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