Gift Cards

This article will focus specifically on creating a gift card as a product and thus enabling the purchase of this by the end user.

Step One

1. Admin -> Configuration -> Settings -> Basket Settings - to enable Show gift card box, tick the box on the right, and Save (top of page).

Step Two

2. Admin -> Content Management -> Email Message Templates -> (scroll down to the miscellaneous section) and click Gift Card and select Edit.


To make the gift card notification active, tick the box.

You can edit the friendly name, and the body text as per the below.



Step Three

4. Admin -> Catalogue -> Products -> Product Management. Select Add New and name the product “Gift Card”. Enter the Product Variant tab to access additional attributes of the product. Provide the gift card with a realistic price value (£10.00) and enable the function of: Is gift card, while also stating whether the gift card is intended to be either Physical or Virtual.


Configuring the gift card to Physical will result in a physical gift card being sent out to the recipient whereas a configuration of Virtual will result in the gift card being emailed to the recipient alternatively.


Step Four

5.Though the previous steps have detailed specifically on how to create a gift cared within Catfish, it is also possible to view gift card attributes under further tabs such as that of Sales. Accessing Sales from the Dashboard (or the current page you are on) a sub-category of Gift Card appears.

Selecting this control will redirect you to the appropriate web-page where a summary will be displayed of the total order of gift cards.




When viewed on the front-end of the storefront, a customer is able to complete fields for the intended recipient, as well as add their own information. Additionally a message can be stated, for specific occasions (such as birthdays). 

Following the adding of the gift card to the basket and subsequent checkout, the recipient will receive an email stating an individual has sent them a gift card for them to use (with both the monetary value and code stated).


* Details of both the storefront and individuals have been blurred for security purposes).

In the circumstance that the recipient wishes to purchase products with the gift card, the recipient will journey through the ordering/checkout process as normal, however upon reaching the basket, they will now see that the a field for the gift card code.

Entering the code will withdraw that amount from the card and remove that from the overall price.

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