Training Documents: Product Variant Attributes

Now you have created a product you can use the fields (above) to enter the information and styling of the product landing page. Product Variant Attributes (see third tab along in the above image) are used to offer multiple variations of a product (without copying it over and over for every permutation) by offering different selectable options on the product landing page (below). Here you can customise the weight, dimensions, product cost etc.  **IMPORTANT** Only create one product variant in the Product Variant Attributes tab, options are added within that variant

As you can see these come in the forms of dropdown boxes, radio buttons, text boxes etc. These are made by creating a Product Attribute entity (Catalogue > Attributes > Product Attributes (see below)) you can then assign values to in the Product Variant Attributes

The tabs on the product variant page are as follows;

Product variant info

Here you can configure the main body of options that are specific to this variant of a product (Weight, production cost, min and max order amounts etc.)

Tier prices

Here you have intermediate options for pricing your products (the most advanced level being developing a custom pricing script)

Product variant attributes

Here you can assign your product the attributes created in Catalogue > Attributes > Product Attributes, edit the Control Type and give it values, for example: Cover Colour is a list of radio buttons with 15 assigned colour values (Red, Blue, Yellow etc.). These can also be bulk-managed in Product Groups (Catalogue > Products > Product Groups) or Bulk Edit Product Variants (Catalogue > Products > Bulk Edit Product Variants)


Discounts are created in Promotions > Discounts where you assign type, value/percentage, Date commencing/ending, codes, limitations and requirements. You then assign this to your product by checkbox on the Discount tab

MIS Product Attributes

If you are using Infigo Products alongside a Management Information System that has a plugin for Catfish then this is the tab you use to relate the attributes across the two applications

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