Configuring Customer Review process in Catfish

To enable the review process on Catfish there are two settings that need to be enabled first:

Go to Content Management > Message Templates and find template “Product.ProductReview” and click edit. Set the template to active (as below) and click Save

Secondly, go to Catalogue > Products > Manage Products > (Choose Product) and on the product page enable the “Allow Customer Review” setting (see below)

Now the initial settings have been enabled you can tailor the review process for both front-end and back-end. The “Product Template” dropdown (above) lets you use pre-defined options to customise how the product landing page is structured. Below is the default layout used for Catfish products:

To customise the review process for back-end there are three options in the Configuration > Settings > Catalogue Settings page that pertain to product reviews:

  1. All reviews must be sorted by a Store Administrator prior to publishing
  2. Allows anyone to post a review and remain anonymous
  3. Enables notifications to be sent upon submission of reviews

Using different combinations of these will enable you to customise how reviews are created and delivered;

For example, enabling anonymous reviews and notifications will ensure the Store Admin is notified when a review is submitted and can moderate as appropriate while ensuring customer anonymity

The Product Reviews page is located on Catalogue > Products > Product Reviews and uses a log format (see below)

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