How to Add Fonts to MegaEdit

To add fonts to MegaEdit you first have to generate a "Font Kit". A Font Kit takes all of the information from your font file and converts it into a file set that web browsers can use.

A free tool to do this is available at Font Squirrel

Or Web font generator

Once you get there you will first click on the generate link as shown in the screenshot below:

Next click on the Upload Font Button.

A Folder will open on your system. Navigate to your font file and select it.

Select the "Expert" setting, select all the font formats WOFF, WOFF2, EOT (compressed or lite) TTF and SVG. Click "Yes" to the Agreement at the bottom of the window and a new button will appear to Generate Your Font Kit. Click this button and the Font Kit will automatically be downloaded to your browser's "Download" folder. This file should be a ".zip" file. If not zip up the files it gave you into a zip file. You will load a .zip file up in the following steps.

You are now ready to go back to the Administration side of your storefront. Once there head to the Catfish -> Infigo Variable Data -> Dynamic Products section.

Now click on the General Data Tab, then Click on the Font Tab, then Click on the "Add New" button. Enter a Name and Description for your Font Description, then click insert.

If you already have a font category that you wish to add this new font to, then just click edit on that category.

Now click the "Configure" Button on the Font category that you just created. You will then want to follow the green arrows in the screenshot below to select your font kit and then generate the font data. When you have done these 2 steps, click the "Clear Cache" link in the top right corner of Catfish.

Now navigate back to the Catfish -> Infigo Variable Data -> Dynamic Products section. Select on "Edit" next to an Infigo Product that you wish to add this Font Category to. Navigate to the Font Category Section and you will see your new font category. Click the Check box next to that font category (you need to click twice usually), the Save Changes button (shown by the red arrow) to complete the process.

Congratulations! Your font has now been added to your MegaEdit Product!

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