Displaying the Batch Record Count in Shopping Cart

By default Catfish will display the quantity that you enterred or selected when you first started to order a product.

To instead show the number of records in the batch file and have the pricing reflect this quantity do the following:

1) As a platform admin go to the admin side of your storefront and navigate to Configuration -> Settings -> All Settings

1a) *NOTE* shoppingcartsettings.showbatchrecordcount may also be found on Configuration > Settings > Shopping Basket Settings > Show Batch Record Count

2) Look through the setting list for a setting called shoppingcartsettings.showbatchrecordcount. If you find this setting change its value to "True". If you cannot find this setting go to step 3. If you found this setting and changed it, you are done.

3) If you do NOT find this setting you will need to add a new record to the All Settings area. Click on the "add new record button" and enter"shoppingcartsettings.showbatchrecordcount" for the name and "True for the value as shown in the screenshot below.

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    I have never been able to access the All Settings (Advanced) page, as a Platform Admin nor Storefront Admin.


    Is the All Settings page accessible to client admins or just Infigo Support Teams?

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