Bullet point support

We have created a new MegaEdit script that supports bullet points.

The setup and configuration of this is by an admin only at this point and the way it works is by first enabling the ‘Bullet Point List’ against the product by selecting a dynamic product and then navigating to the ‘Scripts’ tab and checking the ‘Bullet Point List’ script. There is also some configuration that needs adding:


  mode: "image",
image: {
    clipartAlbum: "Food",
    clipartName: "Burger"
position: {
    x: -25,
    y: 5,
    width: 20,
    height: 20
text: {
    font: null,
    fontSize: null,
    color: "#ff0000",
    character: "*"

The ‘mode’ item allows you to determine whether a clipart image or specific font and character is used as the bullet point (either ‘image’ or ‘text’). Selecting ‘image’ will mean it inserts the clipart image declared in the image item – declaring both the clipartAlbum and the clipartName of the image you want to use. Selecting ‘text’ will mean it uses the configuration declared in the ‘text’ item – font (family), fontSize, color and the character. Position is where it gets positioned in relation to the text you have in the text field allowing you to give it an offset to the left/right.
Once enabled, open the product in MegaEdit and create a text field. Then set the tag ‘bulletpointlist’ on that field. The way it works is that any time it detects a line break it will insert the configured bullet point symbol.

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