How to apply text flow support to Text Fields

Text flow support, as the name suggests, allows you to link together text fields in MegaEdit so that the text can overflow into other fields.

  • The option to set this up is available in the advanced text tab
  • For a text field to be made available as a potential text flow linked field it *must*:
  • Have a name applied to it.
  • Not already be part of a text flow setup with other fields
  • When fit to box is not used

Typing in the fields should rearrange the text after a short period of no changes and also rearrange the ursor to the new position (field/page) automatically.

Changing the size of the fields would also rearrange the text placement in the fields

Changing the format options may rearrange - depending on what has been applied - the text and the format options should be preserved

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